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Chi Healing optimizes the function of our body and DNA

What is Chi Healing?

Chi healing synchronizes Chi activities (including Chi flows) to optimize the function of our body and genes.

Chi is the absolute factor that influences the function of our body and DNA. Chi activity is the signature of life. No chi activities, no life. Each individual is a conglomeration of body, mind, emotion, spirit and energy. These attributes chime with one another, and chi energy fluidly tunnels from one to the other. This fluidity allows Chi healing to be carried out by synchronizing chi activities for the body to function in harmony.

A chi healing session includes three components:
Chi reading, Chi Plucking/Emission and Conclusion.

Chi Reading
The energy state of the individual will be first evaluated (read) to identify the trauma that jeopardizes the health and wellness of the individual for its current, past and inter-generational nature, and their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations. Some healers prefer reading without physical contact. Others prefer physical contacts, such as finger pressing on the individual's palm. Talking is also a part of reading to reveal additional information for fine tuning of the reading. Often time healing also takes place while talking.

Chi Plucking/Emission
Chi healing proceeds with chi energy plucking/emission to activate chi and move it in the forward direction. Specifically identified energy will be plucked out to create space and gain time for healing. Then fine-tuned healing energy will be emitted from the healer's palms/fingers into the receiving body. In addition, VivaLaChi Chi Healing uses unique healing tools (StressPuckers and ChiBlaasters) to enhance the effectiveness of the healing. VivaLaChi chi healing synchronizes the healing locally and through out the entire body.

Upon the conclusion of a healing session, the discovery during the healing process will be shared with the individual. Some remedy will be recommended, eg., walking twice a week, avoiding drinking milk for one month, etc. The remedy is for the individual to help oneself to keep the chi active and the chi flow in the forward direction. The past and inter-generation trauma will require Chiiology sessions to thoroughly work through the trauma.

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Chi activity is the quantum of life. The state of chi activity reveals the conditions of where the individual is at. Chi is strongest when it's active and moving. It gets weakened when it's stuck. Life is gone when chi is no more active. For this reason, physical activities help our health. Emotions and thoughts are strong components of our chi activities.
Unattended traumas lead to energy build ups, which interrupt the activities of chi. The lack of local chi activities develop into ailments, even eventually death. The nature of chi activities also matters. The forward chi activities facilitate the coordination and the cooperation of body functions to sustain life and promote wellness. The backward chi activity leads to dis-coordination and dis-cooperation. Life goes on in this manner, but not well. Suppressing feelings and thoughts are major contributors of backward chi activities. One cannot be the best version of oneself when the primary chi activity of an individual is backwards. VivaLaChi Chi healing is aimed to get chi moving in the forward direction.

Chi Energy Plucking / Emission

Chi plucking and emission act as pull and push force on chi energy. The goal of pull and push is to get chi moving. Most common approach of energy healing emphasizes on emission (push). Its effectiveness depends on the size of the build up and the strength of the emission. The average healers may not have strong enough energy emission to move heavy build up that lead to severe illness. The energy build ups can also shield off the healing energy. This is when pulling comes to the rescue. Pulling chips away the build up a bit at a time, eventually removing the build up disregarding its size. Chi plucking is the pulling process of opening the gateway to healing and transformation.
The inter-generational trauma sets up the foundation of our susceptibility to external and internal instabilities. It lays out the blueprints on our reactions to stimuli leading to further build up of stuck trauma energy. They are the most difficult build ups to tackle, but can be approached by plucking. Experience and understanding of humanity allow effective plucking by identifications of what and where to pluck. They also help healers to provide guidance once the inherited trauma energy is weakened by plucking.
ViviLaChi Chi healing uses both pulling and pushing approach with the emphasis on pulling first. Providing healing not just from emitting healing energy, also from opening one's willingness of taking responsibilities for one's own future. In addition, Silvia has invented ChiBlasters and Stress Pluckers. These devices use sounds and/or images to carry out chi emission or chi plucking. The usage of them enhances the progression of healing and transformation tremendously.

For 35 years, Drs. Silvia and Craig Reid have healed world-renowned scientists, Hollywood stars, Pro & Olympic athletes, policemen, US military & war vets, MDs, nurses, lawyers, judges, CEOs, children, etc.

As well-trained Western scientists with their Ph.D. degrees, the Reids have developed powerful healing practice by incorporating mordent technologies, which are more suited for today’s fast-paced lifestyles and constantly changing environment.
Silvia has the uncanny ability to connect with Chi Universal Energy, and to read chi energy. Furthermore, she is able to identify the trauma patterns that contribute to the blockade of chi activities. This in term guides Silvis to pluck out stress energy and emit healing energy to restore chi activities.
Craig has practiced Chigong for almost 42 years and Silvia has 38 years of Chigong practice experience. The combination of Silvia’s ability to work with chi energy and their strong chi energy from years of chigong practice make their healing highly effective.

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VivaLaChi Chi Healing Helps

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Introductory Healing-remote Remote Chi Healing Sessions In Person Chi Healing Sessions
Price $50.00
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Price Per 40 mins: $95.00
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Price Per 40 mins: $105.00
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Introduction to Chi Healing Chi Healing Session  for Health and Wellness Chi Healing Session  for Health and Wellness
30 minutes of Chi healing/consultation.

Introduction to chi healing, experiencing chi reading, chi plucking, chi emission and very short consultation.

Please click HERE to schedule an introductory chi healing session, or text us at: 1-858-876-8978 for appointment. We only offer remote introductory session.

Remote Chi Energy Healing

Chi healing heals and transforms physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

VivaLaChi Chi healing incorporates modern technological inventions of our own.

Please click HERE to schedule a Session for remote Chi healing.

In Person Chi Energy Healing

Chi Healing, a quantum phenomenon, heals the present, past and inter-generation trauma.

VivaLaChi Chi healing incorporates modern technological inventions of our own.

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In Person Chi Healing Sessions (80 min)
Price Per 80 mins: $210.00
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Chi Healing Session  for Health and Wellness

In Person Chi Energy Healing

Chi Healing, a quantum phenomenon, heals the present, past and inter-generation trauma.

VivaLaChi Chi healing incorporates modern technological inventions of our own.

Please click HERE to schedule a Chi Healing Session in San Diego.