Scientific Studies

Summarized Results of Scientific Studies on Qigong Healing by Qi Emission

Physical Signals

Generate magnetic field (China) (Japan)

Generate heat (infrared) (Taiwan) (China)

Generate electric particle flow (China)

Change microwave radiation (China)

Change infrasonic sound (China)

Chemical Methods

Change the Dynamic of Chemical reaction (China)

Mimic light effect on chemical reaction (China)

Conformation of bio-molecules (poly-glutamic acid, poly-lysine, metallothionein, and some RNAs) (China)

In vitro Biological Materials

Change the electrical resistance of tree leaf (China)

Change the growth rate of bacterial (China)

Inhibit cancer cell DNA synthesis, cancer cell growth and complement radiation therapy with no toxicity to normal cells. (China) (USA)

In vivo Animal Studies

Suppress tumor growth with or without the combination of radiation (China) (USA)

Spinal cord injury (China)

Prolong life of flies (China)

Speed up recovery from injury of fish (China)

Influence brain function (electroencephalograms (EEG)) (Japan)

Suppress withdrawal symptoms of addition and reduce drug dependency (China)

Human Studies

Remission of degenerative disc (China)

Rheumatoid arthritis (China)

Recovery from myoma of the uterus. (China)

Cataracts (China)

Asthma (China)

Peripheral neuritis (China)

Improvement for fractures (China)

Cardiovascular diseases (China)

Irregular pulse (China)

Hemi-paralysis (China)

Reduced withdrawal symptoms of heroin addicts, sped up recovery (China)

Reduce the severity of PMS symptoms (Korea)

Strengthen the immunity (Korea)

Reduce pain (USA) (Korea) (Sweden) (reviewed United Kingdom)

Reduced the heart rate and stabilizes the sympathovagal function (Korea)

Improved condition arteriosclerotic obstruction, and blood flow (Japan)

Reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (Korea)

Improved mood and alertness, and reduced pain, anxiety, depression, discomfort, and fatigue of oncology Patients (Korea), and decrease side effects of chemotherapy (Taiwan)

Reduced autistic behaviors and increase in language development (USA)

Influenced anxiety, alertness, depression, fatigue, tension (Korea)
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