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Introductory Healing Chiiology Transformation ChiBlaster Rental
Price $50.00
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Price $900.00
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Price: $60.00
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Introduction to Chi Healing Chiiology Transformation-Chi Healing  for Health and Wellness ChiBlaster Rental
30 minutes of Chi healing/consultation.

Introduction to chi healing, experiencing chi reading, chi plucking, chi emission and very short consultation.

Please click HERE to schedule an introductory chi healing session, or text us at: 1-858-876-8978 for appointment.

Chiiology Transformation

Chiiology is the discipline of transformation of Chi energy, all its manifestations, and the consequent effects of the manifestations on individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Chiiology transformation emphasizes on discovering, connecting, and accepting our current selves and inherited selves at all levels. True critical thinking, emotion intelligence and self-identity are also transformation processes. All together allow chi energy move freely within and outside us for our thoughts, desires, wills, hopes to gain momentum in moving and connecting to the targets that we set out to reach.

Change ourselves and the world one quantum at a time.

Total 480 minutes of Chiiology Transformation Healing work..

Our rent to own program:

30 days rental of
ChiBlaster Delux (value of $600) or
ChiBlaster Supreme (value of $800).

For the Delux model, $2/day. For the Supreme model, $2.00/day for the first 30 days. $2.50/day for the subsequent 30 days. Rents by every 30 days. You can terminate anytime after the first 30 days by just sending us a text and shipping the product back to us. The charge will be stopped for the following payment period immediately.

If it is lost or damaged beyond repair during rental, you will be charged with the full price, which can also paid on monthly basis.

If you decide to re-start rental later, all rent previously paid will still be part of your contribute to the full price.