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transform body, mind, spirit and soul for individuals, families and businesses.

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VivaLaChi brings transformation.


VivaLaChi is founded by Silvia Reid, Ph.D., after a long career in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Combined with scientific training, three-decade-experience of Chigong (Qigong), a passion for sharing and a desire to transform lives, Silvia and her husband, Craig Reid, Ph.D., provide services and products to assist individuals, families and companies to live fulfilling lives.

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Sil photoFor years, I have lived two lives: an established research neuroscientist in academia and worked in the pharmaceutical industry; and a Chi healer at home. But now, I am devoting full time to my passion for healing and wellness.

My husband and I have practiced Chi Gong (Qi Gong), a breathing technique to cultivate Chi, for over 31 years. With Chi, he has overcome Cystic Fibrosis and is probably the oldest survivor of the disease (he likes to believe that he is 28-year-old, but his biological age is 60).

We have also fortunately been taught how to use our Chi (Qi) to heal people. So for the past 29 years, we have been able to directly work with Chi/Force and have helped individuals overcome various cancers, paralysis, mental illness, digestive problems, lung diseases, numerous sports injuries (bone, muscles, tendon, joint, ligament injuries, etc.) and many other illnesses.

While helping people to establish their Chi (Qi) flow and balance, therefore improving their health and wellness, with 29 years of experience, I have fine-tuned my ability to tap into the Chi/Force of people, animals, plants, objects, materials and environments. My scientific background and interests in innervation have driven me to test materials, methods and technologies to work with Chi/Force. After extensive experimentation, I have developed "ChiPod" and "ChiCast" techniques to deliver Chi/Force by sound and light, respectively. Furthermore, I have created "ChiSpray" to balance emotions, remove blockages and promote healing, and designed "Chi Jewelries", which are gem stones used to facilitate Chi balance and healing. VivaLaChi Health and Design services and products, and contents of VivaLaChi workshops/classes have been put together based on the results of my experiments and my drive to facilitate people's goals to transform their lives and life styles.

By using our services and Chi products, wearing Chi jewelry, and learning "how tos" in our workshops/classes, I fervently wish to guide you to be in happiness and good health, and to attain enlightenment. Finally, make peace with yourself and your world, and may the Chi be with you!

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