Our Mission:

Transform body, mind, emotion, spirit and soul for individuals, families, and businesses.

Our Vision:
VivaLaChi brings constructive transformations to the world.


VivaLaChi is founded by Silvia Reid, Ph.D., after a long career in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Combined with scientific training, more than three decades of Chigong (Qigong) practice, a passion for sharing and a desire for transformation, Silvia and her husband, Craig Reid, Ph.D., now direct their focus on providing services and products to assist individuals, families and businesses to achieve beyond their imaginable limits.

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Sil photoFor years, I have juggled between two separate fields: a Western research scientist studying Neuroscience, genetic diseases, gene therapy, and pharmaceutical therapy, and an Eastern Chi healing practitioner. Now, juggling no more, these two fields have merged into one in our VivaLaChi Health and Wellness practices for the purpose of helping individuals, families and businesses.

My husband and I have practiced Chi Gong (Qi Gong), a breathing technique to cultivate Chi energy, for more than 35 years. With Chi, he has overcome Cystic Fibrosis and is probably the oldest survivor of the disease (he likes to believe that he is 28-year-old, but his biological age is >60).

We have also fortunately been taught how to use our Chi (Qi) energy to heal. So for the past 35 years, we have directly worked with Chi energy and have helped individuals overcome various cancers, mental illness, digestive problems, lung diseases, numerous injuries (bone, muscles, tendon, joint, ligament injuries, etc.) and many other illnesses.

While helping people to establish their Chi balance to improve their health and wellness, and to achieve transformations, my connection with Chi Universal Energy become more and more refined. I am able to immerse into the Chi Energy of people, animals, plants, objects, materials and environments at cellular, molecular and quantum levels. My scientific background, fascination for technologies and drive for innovation have lead to the creation of methods and tools to work with Chi Universal Energy for health, wellness and transformation. The inventions of ChiBlaster, StressPlucker, and ChiMattress use sound and light to push or pull Chi Energy. The ChiSprays hold specific Chi energies and can be used to balance emotions, remove blockages and promote healings. Chi Jewelries are made of hand picked gem stones by Silvia for improving health and wellness, as well as for transformations. VivaLaChi Health and Wellness services and products have been put together to facilitate people's goals to transform their lives and life styles.

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