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Transform body, mind, emotion, spirit and soul for individuals, families and businesses.


VivaLaChi brings constructive transformations to the world.


VivaLaChi is founded by Silvia Reid, Ph.D., after a long career in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Combined with scientific training, more than three decades of Chigong (Qigong) practice, a passion for sharing and a desire for transformation, Silvia and her husband, Craig Reid, Ph.D., now direct their focus on providing services and products to assist individuals, families and businesses to achieve beyond their imaginable limits.

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Directly and consciously working with Chi Universal Energy are the key elements of VivaLaChi transformation program. Humans have the ability to connect and influence Chi Universal Energy. This energy operates at the subconscious level in our body, and impacts our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual wellness. Chinese medicine views disease as the results of imbalance in Chi energy; therefore, Chinese have developed methods, such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, Tui Na, etc. to influence Chi Energy This energy is also the foundation of Oriental martial arts and Feng Shui. These are indirect ways of influencing Chi Universal Energy. The examples of directly working with Chi energy are less common. One imaginary outcome of directly tapping into Chi energy is the non-verbal communication shown in Star Wars. Other direct ways of working with Chi energy are external Chigong, Raikei, Healing Hands, etc.

Impactful transformation comes ultimately from one's will. Inner balance is the corner stone for long lasting tranquility, enlightenment, deep healing and meaningful transformation. The inner balance comes from being one with oneself. One can only be one with oneself by connecting and coordinating emotions and thoughts. Uniting emotions and thoughts through synchrony and synchronicity at the conscious level is where transformation can be achieved by will.
In addition to the indirect approaches, VivaLaChi services and products arise from consciously connecting and working with Chi energy directly to facilitate the unity of the mind, body, emotion, spirit and soul. This direct approach can profoundly shape transformation for individual, family and business by their will.

By the facts that you are here and reading this writing, it tells me that you are interested in transformation. I fervently wish you success in your journey of transformation to be happy, loving, healthy and enlightened. Finally, may you be one with yourself and the world, and may the Chi be with you!

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