Our Mission:
transform body, mind, spirit and soul for individuals, families and businesses.

Our Vision:
VivaLaChi brings transformation.

VivaLaChi is founded by Silvia Reid, Ph.D., after a long career in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Combined with scientific training, three-decade-experience of Chigong (Qigong), a passion for sharing and a desire to transform lives, Silvia and her husband, Craig Reid, Ph.D., provide services and products to assist individuals, families and companies to live fulfilling lives.

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The unique attribute of our transformation method is the utilization of Life Force Energy or Universal Energy (aka Chi, Qi or Ki). Chi is the foundation of Chinese medicine, Feng Shui and Chinese martial arts. One can view this energy as the "Force" indicated in the Star Wars movies. This energy can be tapped into and used for non-verbal communication between individuals as it is shown in Star Wars. Human bodies have the ability to create, absorb, release, move, hold on, accumulate and unite Chi/Force. The Chi/force system in our body operates at the subconscious level. It impacts our physical health, emotion wellness and thought patterns. Oriental medicine views disease as physical expressions of an imbalance in the body's Chi/Force. This system also contributes to our intuition. By learning to consciously communicate with the Chi/Force, one can shape the transformation of yourself, family and business.

The ultimate transformation of life and life style comes from one's will. Typical oriental medicine therapies such as acupuncture, herbal/food treatment and tui na externally help the body to gain the proper balance of Chi/Force. To achieve tranquility, enlightenment, empowerment and deep healing, requires inner balance. This inner balance comes from the connection and cooperation of emotions and thoughts. By uniting these two forces from within, you can remove the obstacles that prevent you from uniting the mind, body, spirit and soul as one. VivaLaChi provides Chi balancing services and products, which work directly with the Chi/Force to facilitate the unity of the mind, body, emotion and spirit, while our healing consultation/coaching services provide tools for you to reach your own inner balance. The final key to the transformation of one's life and life style is your hard work.

By using our services and Chi products, wearing Chi jewelry, and learning "how tos" in our workshops/classes, I fervently wish to guide you to be in happiness and good health, and to attain enlightenment. Finally, make peace with yourself and your world, and may the Chi be with you!

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