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Posted on October 9, 2010 Saturday


During our last blog, I discussed how we contacted the National Science Foundation in regard to the possibility that Silvia and I could use skype video qi healing on one of their intensely ill scientists trapped in Antarctica by the inclement weather. We thought they would simply delete the e-mail (as healers, we had to try) but instead the e-mail moved up the chain of command and was eventually answered.
We have received many questions concerning how we started skype video healing. For a detailed sense on what one can expect from skype video healing, please read Betty Ng’s wonderful blog Hisses and Purrs.
Here’s how it all started.
Over a year ago, Silvia was in LA doing treatments (we go to LA twice a month) at an Hispanic alternative health clinic. A father frantically entered the clinic carrying their 4-year old child who accidentally had chopped off the tip of her finger.
As the story goes, instead of running around screaming and crying and for fear that her parents might be upset for chopping off the fingertip, the little girl went to her room and kept silent. An hour later, the parents thought it was peculiar that things were so quiet around the house and decided to find out why they hadn’t heard a peep out of her. They entered her room and blood was all over the place. She meekly held out her little hand that was covered in dried and oozing blood. When the shocked parents asked where the fingertip was, she whimpered that she didn’t know adding that is was probably outside in the courtyard. An hour later, the fingertip now a glob of rotting jello-like flesh was found. The girl and the glob were rushed to the hospital. After the doctor sowed on the tip he said that he wasn't sure if the body would take the finger and that they'd just have to wait and see.
Back at the clinic, Silvia shared that one treatment would not be enough and that it would need a minimum of three treatments a week. The father knew we lived in San Diego and coming to LA evey other day was not an option. He proposed the idea of doing healing by skype. Silvia flashed a thoughtful face and said, “Let’s give it a try.”
We did 1-hour skype treatments every other day. One parent would hold up their kid’s finger in front of the camera. She’d either play with her Star War toys or complain that she was tired and hungry. She had no clue what we were doing. During treatments we could see pink spots appearing through the black necrotic flesh. Intriguing.
About two weeks later, they returned to the hospital, the doctor removed the bandage and his eyes popped out of his head. Not only had the finger taken but it had also begun to grow a nail. He simply iterated, “It’s a miracle.” He was so excited that he insisted the family wait until his partner could get to the hospital to see the finger. Two hours later the doctor arrived. The two doctors sat and stared at the finger shaking their heads in disbelief. The parents called us and couldn’t speak fast enough to tell us what happened.
An important point to reiterate is that the child had no clue as to what we were doing. She didn't ask, we didn't explain and as mentioned she was more interested in playing with her toys or wanting to go to bed. Similar to our work with Alzheimer's sufferers, there was no placebo effect at work with this child.
Over a month later of continued treatments over skype and in person, you couldn’t tell which fingertip was injured. We were all pretty wowed out. The next thing you know, using skype, we’re treating a guy who had a stroke and was 9,000 miles away in his hospital room in Taipei, Taiwan. Ten days later he was back at work. What can we say?

Posted on September 27, 2010 Monday

The NSF (National Science Foundation): Perhaps they do have open minds
Since our last blog, we here at VivaLaChi Alternative Health and Wellness Services have come up with several novel ground breaking therapies and Qi Healing related projects, thus our prolonged blog hiatus as we were perfecting these skills and activities. We figured it was finally time to share this information not only with all of our clients and "healing fans" but to also everyone who are investigating into what we do.
We'll share our news bit by bit, story by story, therapy by therapy, and success by success as a means to reveal an extremely important notion that we should all realize; for 99.99% of the time, regardless of one's health predicament and issue, we are finding that there is always something that can be done to help.
An interesting surprise can be best disclosed with the following e-mail that I sent to the National Science Foundation a few weeks ago in an article I read about in regard to an extremely sick American scientist in need of health care who was stranded in the Antarctic. At the time the article was written the weather was preventing him from leaving the McCurdo Research Station:
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 12:20 PM
To: NSF Info
I hope you can get this e-mail to the appropriate person.
My wife and I are concerned about this person (the sick American). Perhaps we can help. We have been doing skype (video) healing around the world from San Diego. We're both scientists (Yale, Cornell, University of Illinois) and our clients include Navy SEALS, Marines, US and British Olympic Athletes, Judges and we've dealt with serious bouts of pancreatitis, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, little girl losing the tip of her finger, strokes and several other ailments (these are all via video to places like England, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Scotland, Austria, Florida Washington DC, El Salvadore, etc.)
There is nothing to lose and we are not looking for publicity or money. You can read up on who we are at've been doing this for 23 years. Speed is of the essence.
Cheers, Craig
Dr. Craig D. Reid, 858-638-7949
From: Daniel
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 2:40 PM
To: David
Cc: NSF Info
Subject: FW: HELPING THE SICK AMERICAN IN McCurdo Station (OPP)Hi David,
Can you assist this person?
Thanks, Dan
In a message dated 9/14/2010 12:00:20 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Dr. Craig Reid:
Thank you for your inquiry and your concern.
We are working well with our medical staff on the issues and the Medevac to Christchurch was successful.
Sincerely, David
Technical Information Specialist
Office of Polar Programs/NSF
I eliminated the last names of the individuals for their privacy.
Although we didn't get to work on the ailing American via skype video, the fact that our e-mail went up the ladder of communication to where someone addressed our request plainly shows that the NSF is becoming more opened minded to alternative healing, in this case, our Qi Healing skills via skype.
It would have been easier for Dan to ignore our request and simply delete the e-mail, yet he passed it on to David. Similarly, it would have been easier for David to delete our inquiry...but he didn't. Instead he answered it.
We joke that one day NASA may ask us to video heal either an ill spaceman or someone suffering on the space station. We can see the headlines now, "Houston...we do not have a problem."

Posted on February 5, 2010 Friday

New Kind of Color Therapy for Athletes and Anyone

A lot of people have contacted us and asked us, “How did you discover how the color of our clothing affects our health?”
We were treating one of America’s top Olympic hopeful track and field stars for a knee injury and subsequent pain that has been off and on for years, but with no apparent reason as to the why it is in pain and the how it was injured. After the third treatment we found that the knee pain was originating from the hip, an old injury, and after treating that area the knee pain immediately went away.
We have found over the years with athletes and anyone in general that has had a physical kind of injury (broken bones, muscle, tendon and ligament tears, joint injuries, etc) that although the injury has physically healed the injury has not healed from a Qi perspective. Hence why athletes and individuals, especially with weak Qi, are constantly re-injuring the same thing or have similar re-occurring injuries and health issues.
As with any athlete who gets better, they will push themselves hard and several days later the ache started to come back. We were thinking that perhaps he got back into heavy workouts too fast.
When he came over for more Qi treatments, after about an hour the pain was dissolved, then it began to move all over his leg, to his ankle, up to the hip, back to knee, very peculiar indeed. It’s as if the pain was trying to escape or run away from what we were doing.
Silvia then did that thing she does, reading the injury and trying to figure out why the pain was moving. After a few minutes she began to grin in partial disbelief and iterated that she felt the pain was originating from the socks the athlete was wearing.
Now fortunately, one of America’s top hammer throwers was also in the room to witness this, because even for us back then, we found it hard to accept.
Anyway, we all had a wee giggle as I quipped, “Humor us, and take off your socks man.”
Now if any of you have ever had a bum knee and you sit down for a couple of hours and don’t move, then you have to get up, you know that stiff knee pain that comes from getting up.
The athlete wound up his body (getting that momentum up to get out of the soft sofa thing) then when he stood up…no pain or ache or stiffness. To his and our utter dismay, he walked around the room without a hint of pain or creakiness.
I next told him to put his socks back on….the pain returned. He took the socks off again…no pain.
The next day he came back with all of his socks and we found that when he wore six pairs of specific socks that his knees hurt. Wow and yikes people. Freaky.
We have since burned those socks and the knee pain has never came back. Coincidence? No.
It would also explain why the knee pain has been coming and going away for all these years…when he wore the wrong socks, it hurt, the right socks, no pain.
Thus the beginning of color therapy that has since grown into a local phenomenon with those who have undergone color testing.
We have now been using just the simple notion of wearing the right colored clothing to not only overcome one's physical health and increase healing speed from surgery, but to also affect one's mental health in helping to overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Then as their bodies and minds change, we introduce Qigong as part of their continuing therapy.
A final note: It is not about one’s visual response to the color but the light energy that the clothing's color deflects or is absorbed onto the person’s skin that is the key.

Posted on January 28, 2010 Thursday

Alzheimer's, Down's and ALS - There is always hope

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another collection of interesting healing anecdotes to share.

As we were treating a new Alzheimer’s resident this week, after most things we said to her, she would ask us to speak up. It turns out she also has hearing problems. She then asked us how would she know if what we were doing was going to help? It is a tough question to answer someone with Alzheimer’s since most residents do not realize that they have a health issue and to explain that they do creates unnecessary angst. We have found that even though the individual will forget they have a health issue, the internal emotional distress remains within and affects their Qi flow, which can lead to stronger blockages that can create more health issues since they have no way to vent the negative emotion.
Anyway, about 20 minutes into the treatment, several people walked by having a conversation and the resident began to get upset. Why? She said, “Why are they speaking so loudly can you tell them to be quiet.” She is the second person we have treated with nerve damage/age related hearing loss, both of which only after one treatment had improved hearing.
Two other new challenges include a little girl with Down’s Syndrome and a middle-aged lady recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
We actually began treatments a man with ALS some six years ago he travelled half way across the country to see us. At the time he arrived, his speech was slurring, he had back, neck and shoulder pains, minor muscle deterioration and was having difficulty with some motor functions involved in walking. After three treatments over a period of four days, his speech was normal, the pains were gone, and walking was not an issue. Since he lived 1500 miles away from us and thus was unable to continue to treatments, we gave him a list of points on his body that he needed to treat everyday (either himself or his wife for the points that were difficult for him to access). Apparently everything was going along fine for quite a while until for reasons unknown, the wife stopped doing the points.
It is important that when dealing with a life threatening disease that one must remain vigilante with their treatments. The problem we as alternative healers face is that people are of the mindset that regardless of how serious their health issues are or how long they have had them, they should be cured almost immediately and if not, then the method is useless. And then when someone does get better, they assume they are cured and do not need to continue helping themselves. We will never know that if the man was to continue doing his point therapies he would still be healthy today. He is still alive (3-5 years being the life expectancy after diagnosis) but the quality of life is impaired. It is so important that the family remains involved with treatments. Also, when a family member can help, they lose that sense of helplessness because they are now taking an active roll in helping the health of their loved ones.
Since six years ago, we have developed new Qi-related therapies that we are excited to be able to apply to this latest ALS case. Time will tell, and we’ll keep the world posted.
The little girl with Down’s Syndrome is our first case. Since the girl is young enough that her brain is still developing, we’re curious if Qi Healing treatments can somehow help. During treatments we noticed that her eyes did not look as glazed, and her parents observed that loud noises and sudden movements did not distract her as they would normally do so. Furthermore, it is also difficult for her to remain still for any period of time, yet during the whole hour of a treatment she did not move a muscle. At this point, we’re not clear as to what this all indicates, but according to the parents, it is a big deal.

Posted on January 20, 2010 Wednesday

Breakthroughs in Alzheimer's Disease

It has been half a year since we have had time to write these blogs. But now that my 500,000 word book The Complete Guide to the Martial Arts Movies of the 1970s is done, Silvia and I have been doing qi healing related modalities on over 300 clients, initiating a qigong program with Kaiser Permanente in Escondido and making positive strides forward with our Vivalachi Health and Wellness Services, it is time to share with the world just how effective qi healing and qigong can be.

This is the first blog I have written for our site and I am really excited to be able to over the next few decades or so, share with you the work we have done, the work we are doing and the work that we will be doing.
Although our website ( shares about my background in using qigong breathing to overcome the deadly affects of cystic fibrosis and subsequently walking 3000 miles across America to show that my health improvement was not a fluke, part of that story is missing. By using qigong and overcoming having to take 30 pills a day, we are saving a lot of money. My father once told me that my medication habit eventually began to cost up to $10,000.00/year. Consider that I was born and raised in England, a country where all my medical costs were covered, this means that after coming to America in 1967, the $10,000 price tag for my medications existed sometime between 1968 and 1979. It is hard to imagine what these costs would have been today.
Anyway, enough of that, now lets get down to the important things in life…helping others.
The first of many breakthroughs I would ike to share started last year when we began to do volunteer work with Alzheimer's disease residents with varying stages of Alzheimer’s (mild, severe, catatonic; plus an individual who also has Parkinson's) at a hospice in the Southern California. Several things have come to light: We are able to determine if a patient has Alzheimer's compared to dementia. Of course a true diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can only be confirmed after a patient passes away and a brain autopsy can be performed. However, based on our findings and the current proposed diagnoses of the patients we are helping, our results are spot on.

For each of the residents that we do qi healing on, after six, 15-minute treatments, all have demonstrated an increase in cognizance and some with increased memory recall. Another way to tell if a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s has made any improvement is the ratio between up times (when they are more aware and can participate in events) and down times (just sit and stare with a non-engaging persona). Each resident we work with has been exhibiting longer periods of up time. For the one resident with Parkinson's, we have successfully found a way to stop his hand tremors. Although it is too early to tell if this will work on other Parkinson's patients, it is encouraging news.

Posted on June 7, 2009 Sunday

The lonely heart- Part 2!

It is funny, at the first treatment, WW who mentioned his lonely heart during the consultation, and I both wore almost the same color of clothes, comfortable, loose, relaxing, beige khaki, not stylish at all.
His face has a slight-tint of pale yellow, looking drained. Shoulders shrugged and back slightly bent forward.
His Qi was not flowing, stuck on the shoulders, abdomen, back, elbows, and one of the ankles.
Treatment proceeded...I was able to get his Qi flow back to the body, arms and legs.
When the treatment was finished, he was in a deep sleep. After he came around from his deep, meditative sleep, we discussed ways to keep the Qi flow, and a way to help the blockage around his heart.
For Self Help:
Wear a Band of Strength on the wrist and 2 premiere necklaces.
A week later, when he came back for a follow up treatment, I couldn't believe what I saw. He looked a different person; a bright shiny glow was emanating from his face. He looked fashionable, although I don't remember what shirt he wore, somehow pink sticks in my head. He was also light on his feet, carrying a smile on his face.
He had Qi flow on the body trunk and arms. But he still needs more flow. The blockage around the abdominal area was strong, so I concentrated the Qi beams on that area.
A lot of bad Qi moved out of his body during the treatment. So much so that it made his feet numb during Qi treatment, yet finally a few minutes after the treatment, the numbness went away. Something he ate caused this build up of bad Qi.
More self-help: Wear a custom made anklet/bracelet, plus a Band of Strength Wristband and 2 premiere necklaces.
Drink chicken soup three times a week, one cup each time.
Do muscle tests on each food to find out what his body does not like.
I feel his heart will not be lonely for long.

Posted on May 18, 2009 Monday
What is Qi Healing and Why is It So Little Known in the West?

One can see Qi healing as acupuncture without needles. Qi healing is a non-invasive, all natural, gentle way of getting healthy. Qi treatments balance the Qi strength and flow. Once the Qi is in harmony, the body is awakened to recognize the areas of the body that need attention. Qi then facilitates the body’s innate healing mechanisms to nurture these areas of the body to become healthier.

Qi energy can be emanated from a Qigong practitioner for healing purposes. Emitting Qi energy for healing is the essence of Qi energy healing, which is also known as Qigong treatment, external Qigong, external Qi treatment, and Qi therapy. This healing therapy is very little known in the West, because it has been an extremely tightly guarded secret in China for hundreds of years and requires years of practice. Qi emission from Qigong practitioners has become a topic of scientific study in the 1920’s and 1930’s in China, thanks to some open-minded kung fu practitioners. This interest resurfaced again in China in the 1970’s. The West has only started to pay attention to this healing therapy over the past 10 years.

The difficulty for folks in the West to learn Qi healing is the lack of a well-designed, well-carried out scientific study. There are so many cases where Qi healing has done wonders for people's health. However, when it comes to scientifc studies, it is very difficult to find Qigong practitioners who have the ability to emit Qi at will and are willing to subjet themselves to scrutiny. Because so few people can really perform Qi healing and it has been a tightly guarded secret, scientists really don't know how to design experiments to do the proper testing. Therefore, study results show an inconsistency in their findings.

Posted on May 17, 2009 Sunday
Reposted from Silvia's blog: posted on April 30, 2009 Silvia's Chi Corner

The lonely heart!

On Monday, I started Chi healing work on a man, who injured his neck 33 years ago. He has experienced pain on his neck, shoulders and back since then, and is no longer able to participate in sports. He can't be near a microwave oven, carry a cell phone or work on computer for long. Such an isolated living!!

When I checked his Chi, he has very limited chi flow, and chi flow is blocked at both of wrists and ankles. I also detected a build up blockage at his chest (heart)!! When I asked him if he has any heart issues. He replied, "My heart is blocked with loneliness."

There is no magic pill or spell for lonely hearts but maybe after restoring his chi flow, his good nature will shine through and bring people into his life.

Silvia's pick of Chi jewelry for him:
Brand of Strength
2 Premieres

I will keep you all posted on his healing progress, because as he grows we all grow. Please send positive thoughts to him.
Thank you all and may the chi be with you.


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