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Chiiology is the discipline of transformation of Chi energy, all its manifestations, and the consequence of the manifestations on individualís physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Chiiology opens up all the possibilities in life, and subsides panic, fear, worries, concerns, nervousness that prevent one from moving forward, in health, wellness and life.

VivaLaChi Chi Healing achieves Chiiology transformation.

Chiiology transformation is a three-part process:

1. Inheritance, yourself and humanity

Our inheritance lays out the paths for who we are going to turn out to be in regards to our body, our emotion repertoire and reaction patters.

The first step of any transformation is to get to know ourselves and our inherited selves. This can be physical traits, such as thick hair, long legs, flat face, cancer, cardiovascular weakness, high blood pressure, etc. It can also be emotion tendency, such as overly emotionally excitable, emotion less, combative, compassionate, etc. There are also behavioral traits, such as defensiveness, people pleasing, great singing performance, math genies, etc. Facing ourselves and inherited selves help us to know who we are at the moment and who we might be in the future.

Transformation is not about changing everything that we don't like about our ourselves. It's about accepting this is where we are now and do something about what we can do and not dwell on our traits that we can do very little about. One fundamental aspect that is completely open to our disposal is emotion patterns. This is always the place to tackle.

Besides seeing ourselves, it's crucial to develop connections with our body sensations, emotions and thoughts. Discover what sensations, emotions and thoughts are actually ours. What are inherited. For some people, what are absorbed from others.

Then, the actual transformation starts with understanding and accepting our current selves and inherited selves. These steps of exercising humanity and the connections with ourselves allow chi energy move freely within us and outside us. Our thoughts, desires, wills, hopes start to gain momentum in moving and connecting chi energy to the targets that we set out to reach.

2. Connections and factual interpretations

Making factual interpretation is not something human instinctive do. The instinctive reactions of human are to connect whatever dots that are available to us, and to come up with stories about the relations of the dots based on whatever are available to us. This makes human beings very gullible to brain washing. One can easily persuade people simply by pointing out the dots and providing the stories, especially when the stories go along with our emotions.

Chiiology transformation emphasizes on true critical thinking. True critical thinking is the fundamental requirement for making factual interpretations. Just because we can think, does not mean that we can think critically. Just because we can think critically, does not mean that we don't use the "thinking" to justify our feelings. True critical thinking involves fact checks and rises above the emotion influence. It is learned and needs a lot of practices. The learning and practice take courage to face being wrong. They also provide the joy of growth.

Factual interpretations provide a genuine reality, not your reality, not my reality, not someone else 's reality. It is the "reality". This "reality" is the base where transformation rises from. When our thoughts speak for the true reality, our thoughts become power. It re-shape our instincts. It resonates with people and pushes for transformation within ourselves and outside ourselves.

3. Choices and self-identity

We are the choices we make. Therefore, the ultimate expression of love is to give room for choices. Giving ourselves room to make choices is the self love that we all can give ourselves.

Making "right" or "good" choices is not chiiology transformation is all about. Chiiology transformation is about "making" choices at the same time accepting the consequences and take responsibilities for the consequences.

Choices are where transformation show up. Transformed you will naturally make different choices than before. Even the same choices are made, the attitude will be completely different.

Chiiology Sessions

Once the target of transformation is pin pointed, identification of the contributing destructive patters that lead the targeted trauma one endures will be carried out in the chiiology sessions. Consecutive sessions are designed to build on one another to break through the patterns.

Often time individual's transformation journey starts with health or behavior issues. These issues are our bodies' way to tell us that we are not giving ourselves the right attentions.

Chiiology session helps individuals to recognize what are the attentions that the body is needed and what attentions exacerbate the issues. It also helps one to constructively working with the emotion and behavior patterns to achieve health and wellness.


Interpersonal communication is the emphasis of couple and family sessions. Talking without emotion dumping and listening without assuming are the goals in the interpersonal communications. Examining the chi energy dynamics during communication allows the hang ups to be identified. This facilitates what each family member is to focus on on their own personal healings. True and long lasting transformation for couple and family do require individuals to work on their own personal transformation before the communications among family members have any bonding outcomes.


Children carry the entire inherited package , most of them are in dormant. Early intervention of plucking away inherited trauma chi energy gives a much better chance for the children to develop sound individualities; therefore, physically, emotionally and mentally sound individuals. Children's transformation requires parents' participation. Helping them to feel comfortable with emotions and develop critical thinking under the encouragement of love are the most precious gifts any parents can give their children.

Teens experience their biological transformation on their own. This is the time that biology pushes teens to develop their own individualities. They need parental guidance, at the same time they don't want parental guidance. The most important guidance parents can give their teen children is give them opinions but respect their choices. What chiiology transformation offers teen are helping them to be more open to other's opinions, reducing their fear of making choices, connecting with their feelings, and having their own thoughts.

VivaLaChi Chiiology Transformation

Chiiology Transformation is customized for individuals.

Chiiology Transformation is boundary less.

Chiiology Transformation is not Psychotherapy.

Chiiology transformation is not about you being right, others being wrong.

Chiiology transformation is about transforming from

discovering, understanding and accepting yourself and

accepting where you come from.

Chiiology transformation is based on chi healing as the foundation.

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