Healing Individuals
Healing Individuals

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People seek for healing often for their health problems. When they come to chi healing is because the lack of success in other modalities that they have tried. If this is how you found us, we welcome you and will work with you to improve your health and wellness one quantum at a time.

VivaLaChi chi healing tap into that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes of a person chime with one another, and chi fluidly tunnel from one to the other. This fluidity of chi shapes the foundation for the chi energy healing and allows the healing to be carried out by synchronizing the movements of chi energy to bring the synchronicity of healing.

The synchrony and synchronicity of healing by VivaLaChi chi healing are achieved by optimizing two engines that drive health and wellness. The first one provides fuels to us, and the other one protects us. The fuels that feed us to keep us going are food, air and water, as well as most importantly the desire to live, which is contributed by love, happiness and purpose of life. Certain emotions and our immune systems work together to protect us. Three emotions shape our immune systems. In general, fear retreats immune system, anger encourages attack and guilt directs attack to ourselves.

The two engines affect each other in positive and negative ways. We physically need food, air and water; however, the body's acceptance of them largely affected by emotions and thoughts. Fear and fearful thoughts drive the body to reject them. Love, happiness and purpose in life drive our body to accept them. Fear, fearful thoughts and guilt prevent our defense system to attack invaders and avoid our body to fix damages.

The fundamental approach to optimize the two engines starts from the identification of the "rightful" targets for our emotions. This is how we train our immune system to behave properly and free our body from rejecting food, air and water because of mis-directed emotions. Then, by feeling the emotion and directing it to the "rightful target", we train our body, emotions and thoughts to work together to achieve health and wellness,

Emotion patterns are prevalent in causing health problems. Below are some examples.
Cancers: victim and self sabotage of not being good enough and not being lovable, as well as weak desire to live.
Allergies: mis-directed guilt driven defensive anger and fear of being hurt.
Pain: emotion pain of not being good enough and not being lovable.
Chronic fatigues: panic and heart-break about not being good enough and not being lovable.

The main contributor of these destructive emotion patters are inter-generational trauma. To thoroughly work through the inter-generation trauma, it will require Chiiology sessions.

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Other Aspects of Healing Individuals

Food, Nutrition, Chi and Health
Our relationships with food is much more dynamic than that food provides energy and building materials to our body. As we eat, we make mental and/or emotional association with what we eat. The body also have specific physically needs that food can help or exacerbate the physical issues. All these associations lead our body to reduce, stop or strengthen Chi movements when we eat. Change in Chi movements is body's way to communicate. When food items strengthen the Chi movements, they'll help one's physical, mental and emotional health. A food blocks one's Chi movements is a sign that the body does not wish for this food for physical, emotional and/or mental reasons. If one consumes the food that blocks one's Chi movements, food digestion and absorption will be disrupted. Long term consumption of this food item can lead to the development of food intolerance, allergy, metabolic syndrome and metabolic disorders, and many other health problems. VivaLaChi Health Service help to transform one's body's responses to food and to bring health to individuals

Energy Detox and Highly Sensitive Persons
Chi energy is superfluid. It can move from one person to the other. This quantum phenomenon occurs in human emotions and thoughts. There are incidences when someone starts acting and feeling like the person who someone just encountered. The behaviors and feelings may last for a few minutes or prolong for years. There are also incidences when someone knows what someone else is thinking without being told. As human, we all are subjected to the emotions and thoughts of other people, making happiness, fear, sadness, anger, etc. contagious, and making us reacting to other's judgements. The incidences described earlier happen to people without being directly communicated to about the emotions and thoughts. These individuals are much more in tune and sensitive to emotions and/or thoughts of other's. They are highly sensitive persons. Their highly sensitive experiences are the consequences of the supersensitivity and the superfluidity of quantum phenomena.

The major difficulty of being a highly sensitive person is self identity. Some highly sensitive persons even absorb illness from others. The foreign emotions and thoughts interfere with the highly sensitive persons to establish their own identity, which is the basic requirement for all aspects of a person to function coherently. Therefore, it is essential to remove the foreign energy that has been absorbed into the highly sensitive person in order for the person to be healthy and well.

Until the highly sensitive persons learn how to prevent and to remove foreign energy, regular energy detox of removal of foreign energy is highly recommended. The most efficient and thorough energy detox is through chi healing session. Much less but still effective way of energy detox is the use of stress pluckers.