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Stress Plucker Rental
StressPlucker Rental
Price: $60.00

Our Rent to Own Program:

30 days rental of
StressPlucker Plus (value of $400),
StressPlucker Delux (value of $600) or
StressPlucker Supreme (value of $800).

For the Plus and the Delux model, $2/day. For the Supreme model, $2.00/day for the first 30 days. $2.50/day starting from the second 30 days. Rents out by every 30 days. You can terminate anytime after the first month. Just send us a text and ship the product back to us. The charge will be stopped for the following month immediately.

If it is lost or damaged beyond repair during rental, you will be charged with full price, which can also be paid on monthly basis.

If you decide to re-start renting it later, all rent previously paid will still be part of your contribution to the full price.

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StressPlucker Supreme-Chi Healing Tool
StressPlucker Supreme
Price: $800.00

A re-purposed iPad plays a video that plucks out stress energy in the body.

WOW! You found it!!!!!!!

This is the only place in the world that one can find this un-surpassing invention of VivaLaChi!

Stress energy is plucked out of the body and drawn into the video played in the app of the re-purposed iPad and transformed into harmless energy.

StressPlucker removes the build-up stress energy. It plucks out panic, anxiety and depression to calm the body. The Plucker can also help mental performance, facilitate learning, and promote emotion & physical wellness. It also transforms the energy of the environment.

It is a must tool for people who are sensitive the the energy (emotion) of other people.

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