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I have always been a skeptic regarding the power of qi (chi) and qi healing … until recently!
Drs. Craig and Silvia Reid, through their San Diego, California-based company VivaLaChi…, treat a variety of health issues and illnesses such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, emphysema, paralysis and many more. …
My family and I recently referred friends - one with ALS and the other with severe hemorrhoids - to the Reids. Our friend with ALS has shown dramatic improvement shocking the professionals in the conventional therapy clinic, and our friend’s hemorrhoids disappeared almost overnight. I had a few minor conditions of my own that also disappeared almost overnight.
I am now a believer!
----- Masters Magazine, 2010, by James E. Moore, CEO, Magazine Publisher, Business Entrepreneur, Malibu, CA

"Before I came for a Qi treatment, I feel like there is no energy passing through me, I feel very off and drained. After the first treatment, I feel more alive, I can feel the energy flow, and I am more in tune with what's going on and with my clients. I have no problem in pin pointing their problems. If clients have something wrong with their backs, I can find it in five minutes. Same with a knee problem, I can find the source of the problem. Just the treatment really opened up my Qi and made me more connected to what is going on in my client's bodies. So having better Qi flow makes finding the problem easier and providing better (Massage) treatments to my clients."
"The jewelry it helped me with the wrist. The jewelry had helped me with my Qi flowing out. Kind of stopped the back flow and bad Qi coming back. I don't feel as drained through out the day when I wear the bracelet. I have been wearing the bracelet working with a private client of mine, about 71 years old, had back surgery, knee problems. Doctors told him he has muscle atrophy. So, he's afraid of being put into a wheel chair. So we work towards trying to help him to strengthen his muscles. We were able to re-fire some of the signals. So now he's beginning to get the muscle tone back to his body. I definitely think that by me being having my qi flow smoothly, it helped me be more in tune to where the problem was. Having better Qi flow makes finding the problems easier and treatments better."
------ Arnell Davis - Massage therapist for the Olympic Training Center at Chula Vista, San Diego

"I had severely torn my anterior cruciate ligament of my knee and had several extensive reconstructive knee surgeries. I was told that I would have no chance of full recovery. I had spoken to Kendall (Kendall Gill, ex NBA basketball player), and he strongly recommended I try Qi therapy with Craig and Silvia. I had no idea what Qi-therapy was. And when they told me it was painless, I became extremely skeptical. I thought, just like an effective medicine should taste bad, an effective therapy had to hurt. It was really weird, I was nervous to begin with and naturally quite skeptical. During the treatment, my leg was to remain motionless. I was always taught that with connective tissue injuries, movement of a joint was essential. Then after one week, things just took off. After 6 months of Qi-therapy, I regained full range of motion, full flexibility, and the injured leg measured 10 percent stronger than the healthy leg. Even today, I do lunges and squats without pain and swelling, and my leg never become a natural barometer."
-------- Heather (Singalewitch) Endre, ranked 16th best gymnast in the US in 1988.

"I was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident. Craig and Silvia become my Qi healers several months after my accident. The immediate effect of Qi-healing is that it relieved my neurogenic pain (24/7 of pins and needles-like intense pain) and charged me when I was sluggish from medication. I was most intrigued when my inner thighs were "beamed" and how that made my fingers twitch then move, and how by pressing and beaming other points made my legs and ankles move. It told me there was still some sort of connection. I'm amazed, excited and am really happy. I can move my legs, ankles, toes, and several fingers and have internal and external body sensations returning monthly after two years of Qi healing and acupuncture. I switched from a powerchair to a manual wheel chair."
-------- Angela Rockwood-Nguyen, Model and Actress. Los Angeles

"I have Cystic Fibrosis. Before learning Qigong I only knew what I read from books, and I wanted to learn because it's known for improving your health and I needed to know. After six months of learning I can breath deeper, it helps in the morning to get things moving and it calms me down."
-------- Luke Bidwell, Reigate England

"Since learning (Qigong), Luke's health has definitely improved. Before he had an awful cough that worried me sick, now it's almost gone. His bad acne is clearing up. He was always very lethargic yet now his general attitude has changed, more motivated, positive, and happier in himself and he tells me how good he feels. I'm also learning. I don't get as many colds, and feel healthier, happier, energized."
-------- Simon Bidwell, Luke's father. Reigate England

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A true story about the remarkable results of Qi healing by Craig and Silvia in combination with physical therapy (appeared in "International GYMNAST" magazine in 1993):