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Episode 20: Self-identity, the home of your Chi that shapes your destiny!

Our choices and actions reflect our identity. They veer our life towards our destiny. How satisficed are you with your choices and actions?

Episode 19: Love, the engine transforms Chi! How?

Love is an emotion experience, not a thought! Desire to be loved drives human relations and achievements!

Episode 18: Fear's control of Chi and you!

Fear is not your enemy, is also not your friend! It is the guide to keep you safe! But are you controlled by it?

Episode 17: Whatís Chi got to do with prayers or whatís prayers got to do with Chi?

Prayer is all about sending Chi to the right target for a desired outcome!

Episode 16: What are the constants in your life?

We all need constants in life. Constant anchors our Chi!

Episode 15 "Believe in Santa Claus.

We can be heroes, just for one day!

Episode 14 "Purpose in life, Part 2

When you feel good and enjoy what you do even when itís hard, and feel good about yourself doing what you do, you have found your life purpose!

Episode 13 "Purpose in life, Part 1

Chi loves purpose! A life purpose, we might not have, a life with purpose is the aim for now!

Episode 12: "Mind over matter, Part 2

Donít give up, donít ever give up, when it really matters to you and mankind!

Episode 11: "Mind over matter, Part 1

Mind over matter is the magic of us pushing the limit of our human capacity!

Episode 10: "Faith in yourself, Part 2

The magic formula for developing faith in yourself: 60%.

Episode 9: "Faith in yourself, Part 1

Having faith in yourself, chi will be with you, and your dream will come true!

Episode 8: "The power and energy of words, Part 2"

The energy of your words reflect the intended path! The power of those words is as strong as your actions behind them.

Episode 7: "The power and energy of words, Part 1"

Do words have power over you or,

do you have power over words?

Episode 6: "Judging and Kindness, where do they take us?, Part 2

Judging is the target practice for connecting with Chi.

Kindness keeps the Chi in our hearts active!

Episode 5: "Judging and Kindness, where do they take us?, Part 1"

Judging is easy, but judging without condemning is hard.

Being kind is easy, but kindness without ulterior motives is hard.

Judging with kindness encourages the exchange of chi energy.

Episode 4: "Connect with Chi Through Understanding, Part 2"

Understanding is about "Connecting the Right Dots". It's not about putting ourselves in other people's shoes.

Episode 3: "Connect with Chi Through Understanding, Part 1"

Personal story about how understanding helps Silvia to overcome the emotion barriers that get in the way of her learning Spanish.

Episode 2: 'Connect with Chi Through "The Truth"'

See no evil, hear no evil and say no evil, thus there is no evil and there is no truth!

Only when we are able to connect with the absolute truth, thatís when we can trust our feeling and knowing to detect and connect with chi, the universal energy.

Episode 1 "What is Chi?"

What is Chi? It's the quantum of the existence of the universe. - Vivalachi