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Chi Reels are videos of the state of Chi of an individual, a situation, an object or an environment.

Limits, limits, I need no stinky limits to contribute to humanity: Alice Coachman's high jump, gold medal, lemon and guts!

The cure for Zion Williamson's repetitive injuries: FUN! Zion Williamson, a great player, but misses many games. When he has fun, his Chi flow is great, falling doesn't hurt him. When he's not having fun, as evident by reversed Chi flow, he falls and gets hurt even without falling.

How a champion plays a Super Bowl! Patrick Mahomes played the entire Super Bowl with guts, with excellent Chi flow, overcoming pain and fear!

Who needs spy balloon when you have Leeds #2 Luke Ayling! Reversed Chi flow made Man U coach oblivious to Leeds player's eavesdropping!

I want a big brother like that! They save lives! A brother stays by my side, not abandoning me when I mess up, gives me strength to live on!

Self-sabotage broke the Gold-rushers! San Francisco 49ers defeated by their own mistakes, ending their rush to Super Bowl!

Dallas's flop, San Fran's catch! Dallas's individual performance vs. San Francisco's team work!

Anger issues hurt! Anger issues hurt people even on the football field!

A tribute to the on-the-field heroes and actions that saved Damar Hamlin's life!

Excess aggression as the result of on-the-field PTSD

Injury Analysis of Damar Hamlin Injury on Jan. 2, 2023 Monday night Football.

Injury Analysis of Kyler Murray Injury on Dec. 12, 2022 Monday night Football.