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In Person Chi Healing Sessions (80 min)
Chi Healing Session  for Health and Wellness


VivaLaChi Chi Healing Sessions.
Chi energy healing, a quantum phenomenon, generates health and wellness.

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Price Per 80 mins: $210.00


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In Person Chi Energy Healing

Chi Healing, a quantum phenomenon, heals the present, past and inter-generation trauma.

VivaLaChi Chi healing incorporates modern technological inventions of our own.

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  • Chi Energy Healing

    Chi (the Universal Energy) is the quantum of the existence of the universe. Chi movement is the quantum of life. No chi movement, no life. To learn more about Chi, the Universal Energy, please click HERE

    Chi healing is a quantum phenomenon. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes chime with one another, and fluidly tunnel from one to the other. This fluidity allows the healing to be carried out by synchronizing the movements of chi energy to the synchronicity of healing.

  • A chi session includes three components: Chi reading, Chi Plucking/Emission and Conclusion.

    Chi Reading
    The state of Chi will be first read to identify the current, past and inter-generational trauma in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. An experienced healer will read the energy without physically contact. Otherwise, physical contacts such as a healer's finger pressing on the individual's palm will be applied. Taking is also a part of the reading. It reveals additional information.

    Chi Plucking/Emission
    Energy identified from chi reading will be plucked out. Healing energy then emits from healer's palms/fingers. The combination of plucking and chi emission create chi movements in forward direction. They not only synchronize local healing, they also synchronize healing of the entire body. Effective combination of plucking and emission is the key to VivaLaChi Chi Healing.

    Upon the conclusion of the session, the discovery during healing will be shared. To keep the chi movement going, some remedy will be recommended, eg., walking twice a week, avoiding drinking milk for one month, etc. The past and inter-generation trauma will require Chiiology sessions.

    See a list of health Issues that benefited from Chi healing click HERE

  • Chi Healing with Drs. Craig and Silvia Reid

    For 35 years, Drs. Silvia and Craig Reid have healed world-renowned scientists, Hollywood stars, Pro & Olympic athletes, policemen, US military & war vets, MDs, nurses, lawyers, judges, CEOs, children, etc. As well-trained Western scientists with their Ph.D. degrees, the Reids have developed powerful healing practice by incorporating mordent technologies.

    Silvia has the uncanny ability to connect with Chi Universal Energy, and to read chi energy. She is able to identify the trauma patterns that contribute to the blockade of chi movements. This in term guides Silvis to pluck out stress energy and emit healing energy to restore chi movements.

    Craig has practiced Chigong for almost 42 years and Silvia 38 years. The combination of Silvia’s ability to work with chi energy and their strong chi energy from years of chigong practice make their healing highly effective.

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