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Mental health issues mean emotion challenges!

VivaLaChi Chi Healing views mental health issues, such as bipolar, anxiety, depression, autism, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, etc., as the manifestations of the inter-generation trauma.

The emotions resulted from the inter-generation trauma remain in the background, and the trauma emotions keep building up whenever the environmental cues trigger them until they reach breaking points. Mass shooting, invading another country, locking oneself in isolation, serial killing, and suicide are some examples of reaching the breaking points.

What makes most mental health challenges so difficult to treat is that the inter-generation trauma happened before we were born so we cannot rectify the emotions of the trauma. What we can do is to learn not to own the emotions of the trauma. So the mental health really depends on the emotion health and the re-configuration of our mental processing to re-wire our mind-body-emotion connections.

The mental challenges prevents one from having a healthy emotion development. The fundamental approach of VivaLaChi Chi Healing to mental health issues is to facilitate and maximize the opportunities for one to have a healthy emotion development. As the emotion development progresses, the mind-body-emotion connection naturally re-wires itself.

The clearance of emotion space by removing the emotion clutter from trans-generation trauma is the first step to have a chance for healthy emotion patterns to develop. This space is essential for the learning of what emotions are trans-generational and what emotions are one's own. This is where meditation cannot reach. However, Chi Healing stress plucking technique is one way to achieve this objective.

The initial hurdle of emotion development is fear of feeling emotions. This fear also needs to be cleared away for the connection of the emotion feelings with the mind recognitions to build properly. Once emotions are felt, the evaluation of the magnitude of the emotions with the situations and identification of the rightful targets help one to adjust in order to make the appropriate connections. A lot of de- and re-association learnings are needed to re-wire the mind-body-emotion connections.

Mental health issues can be overcome! Coming out of mental health issues is to have the freedom of having emotions, but not reacting to, and not being burdened by emotions and emotion driven thoughts in the head.