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Chi Gong for health and growth program

with Silvia and Craig Reid

Discover the essence that lies at the heart of spirituality, Chi. By tapping into Chi, you can harness it to unleash your full potential.

The Chi Gong for health and growth program offers an exploration of the mind, body, spirit, and soul by learning about how to work with Chi in a path of self-mastery, fostering mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual enlightenment. Through working with Chi, you will connect with yourself, discover your purpose, and unleash your inner warrior to create inner peace and clarity amidst the chaos of everyday life and tap into the limitless potential that resides within.

By embracing the aspect of spirituality, you'll gain a heightened awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. You'll cultivate a profound sense of harmony, both within yourself and with the world around you.

Basic levels:

Level 1 and 2:

One year of Chi Gong practice and classes for each level.
Class meets every other week.
Each class comprises of two parts:
1: Learning Chi Gong to strengthen Chi with Craig Reid.
2: Chi and spirituality by Silvia Reid based on the “It’s Chiiiiiii Time” podcast.
30 mins for each part.

Fee $20/month.

Advance level: Exploration of Chi,

Require the completion of the basic level 2.
Each advanced level requires one year of classes and Chi Gong practice.
Group meets twice a month for class.
Each class comprises of two parts:
1: Practice Chi Gong with Craig Reid, 15 min.
2: Exploration of Chi with Silvia Reid, 45 min.

Fee $200/month.

Completion of each level will receive an official certification.

Code of conducts: Any violation will be a cause for immediate dismissal from the program.

No smoking.
No use of recreational drug, including marijuana.
No use of illegal substances.
No initiation of any fight.
No disrespecting other Chi Gong practitioners.
No intentional showing others Chi Gong movements without permission from both Craig and Silvia Reid.
Missing three classes by Silvia Reid within 3 months without valid reasons.


Prefer no drinking.
Self-assessment bi-monthly.