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ChiSprays are VivaClaChi's inventions.

Specific chi energy is fused into water, making the water the carrier of that energy.

The use of ChiSpray enhances the effectiveness of psychotherapy, energy healing, massage, acupuncture, chiropratic therapy, etc.

Each ChiSpray has its unique properties. The energy that the ChiSpray carries interacts with the energy of the individual to help various aspects of the state of chi energy of the individual to promote chi movements.

VivaLaChi ChiSprays:

This is the most helpful ChiSpray for clearing the energy that is on the body surface. Using this spay before a session of any therapy facilitates the effectiveness of the therapy.

Mind Calm:
This spray calms the anxiety.

Immune Calm:
This unique spray releases build up guilt, reduces defensive anger, calms allergic responses.

Heal spray synchronizes the healing energy.

It release sadness and gives room for happiness and joy.

It helps individuals feel a sense f purpose.

It helps to release the energy of emotion pain.