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Cancer is absolutely beatable with the help of Chi Healing!!!!!!!

Cancer is a sad tragedy, but it does not have to end this way!

Make VivaLaChi Chi Healing a part of your beating the cancer!!!!

We all know what cancer is. "I'm going to dye!" often time is the first thing that comes to one's mind when one is diagnosed with cancer. The second thing may be "how long do I have?" Then, "how much pain am I going to suffer?" It is a lonely, painful and heart ranching moment! Hope for surviving cancer assault may come later. Some may even think about beating the cancer!

Cancer cells, which their cycle of dividing is unchecked, show up in our body constantly. It's up to our immune system to catch them and get rid of them as soon as they are detected. Cancer cells un-checked and allowed to grow is because our immune system is not doing its job. One major contributor to this is the "lost of desire to live". This lost of desire to live is the lost the hope of existing as an individual who is loved and desired for who the person is. When we lose this hope, we lose the drive to live. This pattern is mainly an inherited pattern. This is what makes cancer so devastatingly hard to beat.

Conventional western treatments of cancer can be complicated by the lifestyle and attitude of patients, the different physiology of people and the rate their bodies will metabolize drugs, the blood supply to the tumor affecting the drug getting into the tumor, the tumor physiology and the fact that the tumor can continue to change. Chi healing surpass all those!

The focus of VivaLaChi Chi Healing to beat cancer is on" the drive to live", approaching on the site of tumor and on the wellness of the entire individual to work through inherited, past and current trauma leading to the "lost desire to live!". That trauma energy builds up leading to the local immune activities to be weakened gives tumor cells a life line. The local build up will be cleared up frequently for the local tissues to function normal and tumor growth to be discouraged. It is also crucial to remove the build up of fear, panic, freaking out and nervousness of the individual for the whole body to function normally.

Once the fear based energy has been reduced, development of champion attitude starts. At the same time the heartbreak, not lovable , not being good enough and guilt emotions will be addressed to heal or not owning them when they are intergenerational. Overtime, without forcing, the cells tissues and the body will start to accept chemo, radiation and not fighting them, as well as start to function without the attitude of wanting to dye.

VivaLaChi Chi Healing for cancer complements western medicine treatments of cancer. Chi healing reduces, in some cases even eliminate, the side effects of surgery, radiation and chemo treatments.