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VivaLaChi Feng Shui Services Qi Healing/Wellness Service - Qi Friendly Eating/Qi Transformation TRANQUILLITY
Helps the upper body and arm chi flow. Popular among the fashion-conscious.
2 hr Visit Rate $300.00
Service Cost $900.00
Our Price: $143.00
Qi Feng Shui Services  for Health and Wellness Qi Energy Balancing and Healing Services  for Health and Wellness A handmade peridot bracelet, sterling silver clasp, good for Chi (Qi), chakra, acupuncture, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, health, wellbeing, happiness, harmony
VivaLaChi provides unique Feng Shui services to balance energy in your home and office to heal individulas, harmonize families and energized businesses.
Qi or Chi is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. The Chinese consider all illnesses, both physical and mental, as well as bad fortunes, as a result from irregularity in the flow of Qi.
To schedule a Feng Shui visit, please click HERE.
Total 720 minutes of healing/energy balancing/Qiology consultation.

Get rid of your
  • chronic fatigue
  • irritable bowels
  • constant belly aches
  • food intolerance / allergies
  • heart burn / acid felux
  • obsessive compulsive
  • anxiety & panic attacks
  • depression

Control your

  • diabetes
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • asthma
  • weight
  • pain  

Improve your

  • energy
  • performance

Please ckick HERE to schedule a Qi Healing/Balancing Session in San Diego or for long distance healing.


An exquisite handmade 6-strand peridot round bead bracelet that sparkles in olivine green. The round beads glitter under the light, not even moonlight and dim room light can take away the twinkles. The semi-formal and exquisite sensibility is finalized with the touch of a sterling silver tube clasp.

This bracelet helps Chi flow of the body and the arm, which the bracelet is worn on.

Chi Flow Index: +++++.

The Green Harmony Collection - Chi Health and Wellness - Jewelry for Natural Healing.
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