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VivaLaChi Qi Energy Balancing and Healing Services PREMIERE
Multi-function chi jewelry piece for the first time user.
Price Per 45 minutes: $95.00
Product Price $38.00
Starting Price: $20.00
Qi Energy Balancing and Healing Services  for Health and Wellness A handmade multi-function (necklace, bracelet, anklet) peridot jewelry, sterling silver clasp, good for Chi (Qi), chakra, acupuncture, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, health, wellbeing, happiness, harmony Spray for Improving the Quality of Brain Engagement, Brain Functions and Brain Sharpness
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Chi Energy Healing

VivaLaChi provides unique healing and wellness services to heal individuals, harmonize families and energized businesses.

Qi energy healing/balancing can be considered as acupuncture without needles, plus energy detoxification (clearance), as well as release of physical, mental and emotional stresses. It is non-invasive, all natural and gentle.

Qi energy healing/balancing harmonizes the Qi (energy) and facilitates the body’s innate mechanisms to promote health and wellness, and to enhance performances.

Qi or Chi is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. The Chinese consider all illnesses, both physical and mental, as well as bad fortunes, as a result from irregularity in the flow of Qi.

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A handmade piece of sparkling olivine green peridot chip beads, finished with a sterling silver fold over clasp. It can be worn as single or double strand necklace, or as a multi-strand bracelet and anklet. When worn as a necklace, it promotes Chi flow up and down the body, especially along the mid-lines of the head, chest and the abdomen. This particular flow of the Chi is most vital for the health. Worn as a necklace, it also helps one to breathe better. When worn as a bracelet, it promotes Chi flow of the side of the body, the shoulder and the arm that the bracelet is worn on.

This product helps Chi flow depending on how it is worn. Be creative! Have fun!

Chi Flow Index: ++++.

The Green Harmony Collection - Chi Health and Wellness - Jewelry for Natural Healing.
Spray awakes the brain, and enhances clarity, sharpness and brain function.

Purified water infused with energy that promotes engagement of the brain.

Note: Contact us to receive a 50% discount if you are having on-going sessions.

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