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Silvia Reid, Ph.D., Health & Wellness Consultant/Healer/Coach
Craig Reid, Ph.D., Chi Expert/Healer
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Silvia's journey into the field of health and wellness started in 1979

Click here to read more about how Silvia got involved in healing and the founding of VivaLaChi.

Craig has been practicing Chi gong (Qi gong, Chi kung or Qi kung) since 1980.

Click here to learn more about how he earned the trust of his Qigong (Chi gong) tearcher to teach him and how he overcame a lethal disease....
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Qi Energy Balancing and Healing Services  for Health and Wellness
Chi / Qi Energy Healing Services
Price Per 40 minutes: $95.00

Chi Energy Healing

VivaLaChi Chi Healing and wellness services transform individual's physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellness. Qi healing targets the present day issues, past wounds and inter-generational trauma. Our healing is most powerful to whom are sensitive to environmental energy and other people' emotions

Qi energy healing/balancing is non-invasive, all natural and gentle.

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HERE to schedule a Qi Healing/Balancing Session in San Diego or for long distance healing.

To schedule a Feng Shui visit, please click HERE.
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Qi Feng Shui Services  for Health and Wellness
VivaLaChi Feng Shui Services
2 hr Visit Rate $400.00 ; $150 for each additional hour

2 hour visit rate :$400

Additional hours: $150 per hour

VivaLaChi provides unique Feng Shui services to balance energy in your home and office to heal individuals, harmonize families and energized businesses.

Qi or Chi is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. The Chinese consider all illnesses, both physical and mental, as well as bad fortunes, as a result from irregularity in the flow of Qi.

To schedule a Feng Shui visit, please click HERE.
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