What is Chiiology?

Chiiology is the discipline of working with Chi (Qi) energy, all the manifestations of Chi energy, and the consequent effects of the manifestations on individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Human has the power of influencing Chi Universal Energy

Human can connect with Chi Universal Energy

One can detect and connect with Chi energy by "feelings" and "knowing". Feelings may come from sensations or emotions. Knowing rises from intuition and thoughts. Emotions sway our intuitions and thoughts (interpretations) on "knowing". Our thoughts (interpretations) obscure our feelings. Emotion and mental wellness affect the way we interact with ourselves and the world, the quality of our relationships (including with Chi Universal Energy), our ability to manage what's real, and our competency to deal with what we are facing. One is not living in "truth", when one is not well emotionally and mentally; therefore cannot truly connect with Chi Universal Energy. Tinted emotions and thoughts are not the "truth", even one convinces oneself that they are the "truth". Therefore, only and only un-tinted emotions and thoughts can serve as powerful tools for connecting with Chi Universal Energy within us and outside us.

Emotions and mental processes impact tremendously on Chi Universal Energy

Emotion and mental process (thought) not only generate energy, they themselves are energy. When same emotions or thoughts from different sources happen at the same time (synchronicity) their strength increase exponentially. When different emotions and thoughts work together (synchrony), one can transform the Chi Universal Energy. The negative emotions build up in us feed into the negative energy surrounding us. It then strengthens the Chi Universal Energy's tendency of leaning towards the negativity. What also happens is the flow of love and happiness in us, also flow into the stream of Chi Universal Energy to help love and happiness grow in the world.

Emotions drive our thoughts, and our mental, behavioral and physical wellness

Emotion dictates our thoughts. Such an example as the feeling of "not being good enough", it makes us think that we cannot do anything right, that we don't deserve being treated nice, that its better for us to hide from any attention, that we don't have what it takes to get a raise, that no body likes us, on and on and on.... Another example is the feeling of "guilt", it makes us think that people are out to get us, it make us criticize ourselves in our own head, it comes up with countless un-just reasons that we are right, it makes all kinds of excuses for what we did or did not do..... Repetitive and un-controllable overwhelming emotion-driven thoughts lead to anxiety (one of the most prominent mental issue in our society currently). The repetitive self beating thoughts also consume us into depression (another prominent mental issue in our society currently).

The above feelings and thoughts make us argumentative, withdraw, avoid responsibilities, over-eat and/or starving ourselves..... "Not being good enough" can easily lead us to over working out or not working out at all. These tendencies of engaging physical activities often contribute to physical injuries, over weight, cardiovascular issues, at times diabetes. These are indirect conurbations of emotions to our physical health.

One example of emotion's direct contribution to our physical wellness is constant panic. Constant panic weakens our muscle coordination. Panic makes us tighten our neck and shoulder muscles, but loosen our muscles that control urination and bowel elimination. Overtime, these neural pathways become the dominant state of our body. We lose the abilities to loosen our neck and shoulder muscles, and have a hard time control our urination and bowel movement. On the opposite spectrum, when we feel loved, we think about how to take care of ourselves and others. It gives us the means, desire and will to live well. It, in turns, transforms our body into a living machine for love and happiness.

Emotions, Chi Universal Energy and Transformation

Emotion energy runs in us even often we don't feel the emotions. When our emotions are in harmony, Chi energy flows smoothly in your body. It helps us to connect with ourselves, with others and with Chi Universal Energy. Ignored emotions build up into blockades waiting to get attention. As the blockades become overwhelming, we disengage them by suppressing our feelings to the point that reverses our Chi flow. Chi blockages and reversed Chi flow prevent our body from communicating with itself and with Chi Universal Energy. They transform our Chi energy into destructive patterns. These ignored emotions now turn into emotion stresses, which are the most significant cause of all chronic health challenges. Collectively they are also the driving destructive force in the world that we live in. Without the emotion stresses, one can fully engage in whatever one is devoted to and contribute to create a brighter future. Through synchrony and synchronicity, one also helps to create a brighter world.

The above examples are unconscious way that we transform Chi Universal Energy. We can also consciously engage in the transformation of Chi Universal Energy; however, this takes learning and practices. The exercise of our conscious influences on the Chi Universal Energy starts from working with our own Chi Energy. Emotion is the most tangible way to gain access to our own Chi energy. Removing emotionally caused energy blockages and correcting energy flow are the entry point to us actively transform the Chi Universal Energy in us. .

"In" with the Emotion to transform

Substantial emotion blockades and reversed Chi flow require help to correct them. Removal of the stress sources (food, allergens, abuser, financial difficulty, etc.), exercise, acupuncture, herbal medicine, energy work, crystal healing, sound healing, etc. are means to remove energy blockades and temporarily restore Chi energy balance, but they don't give permanent transformation. Permanent transformation comes from being "in" with (directly working with) the causes of emotion blockades and resolve destructive patterns. To do so require identification of the sources of blockades and the patterns. The sources can be inheritance, personal experiences, environments and poor physical health. The inherited emotions and emotion patterns, just like our DNAs, are a major part of who we are and pave the trajectory on who we are going to become. Emotions/emotion patterns are the most powerful epigenetic influence on the functions of our DNAs, Traumatic experiences pass down from generation to generation. They set up our vulnerability to stress and are the major contributor to our fragility to stressful personal experiences (discrimination, harassment, job pressure, relationship issues, financial difficulties, life events, etc.), environments (wars, natural or man-created disasters, social unrests, economical crisis) and physical health (acute or chronical), etc.

Chiiology Transformation with Dr. Silvia Reid

Changing inherited patterns is difficult and challenging. VivaLcChi Chiiology Transformation Program has great success in this endeavor. Dr. Silvia Reid had immersed in the field of Neuroscience, genetic study of diseases, gene therapy and development of pharmaceutical medications since 1982. Her efforts of understanding what control the human body and what approaches help to overcome illness lead her to the conclusion that transformation of Chi Universal Energy is the ultimate way to truly prevent and cure human illnesses. The root causes of illness really come down to inherited patterns. With her abilities working with Chi Universal Energy, scientific training and experience, and working on Chi healing with many people for 35 year, Dr. Silvia Reid is able to identify the destructive patterns very quickly and consequently guide people to work on rectification of the patterns. Furthermore, she is able to harness Chi Universal Energy with precise selectivity and direct the energy for the purpose of healing and/or transformation. She has invented various tools to facilitate healing and/or transformation. Some current tools include ChiBlaster, StressPlucker, ChiMattress, ChiSpray, Chi Diet, etc.. Dr. Reid also utilizes crystals, gems, plants, food, cream, lotions, etc. to aid the healing and/or transformation.

Most importantly, because transformation takes time, so please DO keep up with your regular medical care. Chiiology transformation is NOT the replacement for medical care. It complements and enhances the Western Medicine treatment outcomes. The goal of the program is always for one to learn to maintain the transformation and to create ones own transformations using the tools in achieving the current transformation.