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Chi / Qi Energy Healing Services
Qi Energy Balancing and Healing Services  for Health and Wellness
VivaLaChi Qi Therapy - removing stress, anxiety, aches and pain; speeding up the healing of injury and surgery; living a healthier and a more productive life.

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VivaLaChi prodives healing and wellness services that heal individulas, harmonize families and energized businesses. Qi energy healing is considered as acupuncture without needles, plus energy detoxification (clearance), and release of physical, mental and emotional stress, as well as enhancement of personal performance.

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Price Per 40 minutes: $95.00

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Chi Energy Healing

VivaLaChi Chi Healing and wellness services transform individual's physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellness. Qi healing targets the present day issues, past wounds and inter-generational trauma. Our healing is most powerful to whom are sensitive to environmental energy and other people' emotions

Qi energy healing/balancing is non-invasive, all natural and gentle.

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  • Qi Energy Healing

    Qi or Chi is the fundamental foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest medical disciplines in the world. The Chinese consider all illnesses, both physical and mental, as a result from irregularity in the flow of Qi. Treatments are, therefore, aimed at finding and correcting the Qi imbalances. These treatments include acupuncture, herbal/food treatment, Tui na, Qigong practice (Chi Gong or Chi Kung), and Qi emission healing (also known as external Qigong). VivaLaChi introduces Chi Jewelry as another means to balance the Qi. Qi energy can be emanated from a Qigong practitioner for healing purposes. Emitting Qi energy for healing is the essence of our Qi energy healing, which is also known as Qigong treatment, external Qigong, external Qi treatment, and Qi therapy. This healing therapy is very little known in the West, because it has been an extremely tightly guarded secret in China for hundreds of years and requires years of practice. Qi emission from Qigong practitioners has become a topic of scientific study in the 1920’s and 1930’s in China, thanks to some open-minded kung fu practitioners. This interest resurfaced again in China in the 1970’s. The West has only started to pay attention to this healing therapy over the past 10 years. One can see Qi healing as acupucture without needles. Qi healing is a non-invasive, all natural, gentle way of getting healthy. Qi treatments balance the Qi strength and flow. Once the Qi is in harmony, the body is awakened to recognize the areas of the body that need attention. Qi then facilitates the body’s innate healing mechanisms to nurture these areas of the body to become healthier.
  • Qi Imbalance and Health

    Let’s say that the systems in our body need instructions like radios receiving signals from specific stations. Each channel is supposed to receive signals of a specific bandwidth. When there are a lot of radio signals in the air or the signal is weak, the radio doesn't pick up the signal, so you won’t hear your winning lottery ticket number announced. Too much radio wave is similar to the backup of Qi from blockages, while a weak signal is similar to weak Qi. In respect to the onset of body aches and pains, Chinese doctors may attribute that to Qi blockages. For example, if an ex-athlete has an ache and stiffness in his neck, it would be explained in the West as possibly caused by a “slipped disc”. The Western doctor would recommend bed-rest and extra strength Tylenol. A Qi healing therapist would say that the Qi blockage from an old wrist injury caused a build up of Qi around the shoulder and the neck. That in turn leads to the uneven tension from two sides of the vertebrate. Treatments would be to identify the blockages and to restore the Qi flow in addition to best-rest.
  • Qi Balancing and Healing with Drs. Craig and Silvia Reid

    Craig and Silvia Reid are two well-trained scientists. With their Ph.D. degrees, they set out to put their Qi healing abilities to the test. Through hundreds of cases, the Qi healing never fails. In more than 21 years, Craig and Silvia have encountered cancer (colon, brain, lung, breast), emphysema, ulcers, ALS, paralysis, asthma, bronchitis, neuritis, spinal cord injuries, migraines, pain management, arthritis, scoliosis, cystic fibrosis, broken bones, many kinds of sports and physical injuries, wound healing, anxiety, panic attack, depression and much more. Silvia has the uncanny ability to read Qi flow and Qi blockages. Craig has practiced Qigong for almost 30 years and Silvia has 25 years of Qigong practice experience. The combination of Silvia’s ability to read Qi and their strong Qi from years of Qigong practice make their healing therapy highly effective. Typically, Qi flow, Qi strength and Qi blockages will be evaluated first by Silvia. You will be asked to remove any jewelry, watches, keys, cell phones, wallets, coins, etc, because they can interfere with Qi flow. In most cases, this Qi reading will be done while you comfortably stand. Qi flow and blockages will be charted. The chart is used to follow your healing improvement. The entire reading process usually takes about 10 minutes. In some cases, it can take up to 30 minutes. During the actual healing session, you will be either standing, sitting or in most cases lying down. Qi is transferred from the healer’s hand to you to increase your Qi strength, drive away the negative Qi, unblock stagnated Qi and restore proper Qi flow. This process usually lasts about 45 minutes. Acupressure and healing aides (such as Chi Jewelry) are also used to facilitate the restoration of your proper Qi flow. Qi healing is most effective against soft tissue ailments, such as post-surgery healing, ulcer, digestive problems, bruises. It works really well for overcoming side effects of cancer treatments (radiation and chemo), sports injuries, headaches, breathing problems, anxiety, depression, etc. FREE Initial Consultation Session Single Qi Balancing / Treatment Session Pre-pay Package

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