Qi Nutrition/Diet

Monitor the body's nutritional and healing needs.

Food provides energy and building materials to our body. We eat to live and our body reacts to what we eat. As we eat, we make mental and/or emotional association with what we eat. The body also have specific physically needs that food can help or exacerbate the physical issues. All these associations lead our body to reduce, stop or strengthen Qi flow when we eat something.

Change in Qi flow is body's way to communicate. When food items strengthen the Qi flow, they'll help one's physical, mental and emotional health. A food blocks one's Qi flow is a sign that the body does not wish for this food for physical, emotional and/or mental reasons. If one consumes the food that blocks one's Qi flow, food digestion and absorption will be disrupted, leading to digestive disorders. Long term consumption of this food item can lead to the development of food intolerance, allergy, metabolic syndrome and metabolic disorders. Overtime, it can result in reversed Qi flow.

VivaLaChi Health Service provides Food Test for Qi flow and Qi Transformation/Qi Friendly Eating Program to help individuals resetting body's responses to food, healing the body, tuning into body's physical and emotional needs, preventing intolerance, and overcoming digestive disorders, metabolic syndrome and metabolic disorders.