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Price: $600.00

Chi Energy is harnessed in the image and delivered by the app in a re-purposed iPhone. When the image is played, it blasts out Chi (Qi) energy (ChiBlast). The Chi energy helps to release anxiety and calm the body. The ChiBlast can also help mental performance, facilitate learning, and promote emotion & physical health. It also transforms the Feng Shui.

ChiBlast removes the build-up energy that prevents us from being well and healthy. It can bring the issues to the surface, so they can be healed. The issues include behavioral, emotional and mental patterns that we inherited or created that are detrimental to our health and wellness. When they are brought to the surface, it gives us an opportunity to recognize them and change them by choice. ChiBlast cannot create issues that are not already there. It also cannot change the pattern of issues for you. The patter can only be changed by you acting on it. Chi-work can make it much easier for you to recognize the pattern and much easier to make changes.

For many people, Chi-Blast can enhance the efficiency of their study and performance on tasks that demand mental concentrations.

Each individual will have different experience during and after ChiBlast. Some people are more reactive and/or sensitive to Chi than others. Some people may not feel anything. Overtime, one can recognize subtle and obvious changes in emotional and physical feelings, thought patterns, and physical wellness.

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