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Silvia’s answers to frequent asked questions:
Question: What is the benefit of good Chi (Qi) flow?
Answer: Good Chi (Qi) flow goes hand in hand with good health. Good Qi flow will prevent the build up of bad Qi due to body malfunctions or injury.
Question: Why should Chi jewelry be regenerated?
Answer: The idea of regeneration is brand new. It comes as a total surprise to me. When I started studying the effects of gemstones and precious metals on Chi (Qi), my idea was that the stones and the metals would either help or not. As I continued my testing, something very frustrating happened: with two identical pieces of the same jewelry, one would work, but not the other. After extensive trial and error, I finally deduced that the reason for the inconsistency was due to where I left the jewelry and the stone. Then I started to look for materials that would preserve the jewelry’s capability of promoting Chi flow. That’s how I developed the regeneration case (box).
Two very negative materials for Chi flow, interestingly, are painted (stained) wood and printed papers. With only a few seconds of contact, they can take away the positive effect of jewelry on Chi flow. Yet the positive effect of the jewelry would come back after the jewelry was placed in the regeneration case (box). I tested more than 2 dozen gemstones (including diamonds), and I have not find one gemstone that does not require regeneration.
This whole thing is still very shocking to me. I do not have any scientific explanations yet. If I were forced to speculate, my guess would be that interactions with Chi requires molecules to be in a certain state (kind of like chemicals in the battery), this state can be changed by other factors (like the battery being drained). Regeneration allows the molecules to return to the state that can interact with Chi (like recharging the battery).
Question: What is the optimum length of time to regenerate Chi jewelry?
Answer: In terms of regenerating the jewelry, overnight is good. The length of time for regeneration depends on how depleted the jewelry is. Of course, the more depleted the jewelry, the longer the regeneration time it'll need. In general, 8 hours is a good length of time to regenerate jewelry that has been worn for 12 hours. If the jewelry has been left out on a painted surface for days, 12 hours would be the minimal time to regenerate the piece.
Question: How can one determine whether the Chi jewelry is regenerated? Is it only through feeling?
Answer: I wish I could offer some sort of test strip to show the level of regeneration. And I'd be lying if I said that there is a simple and reliable way to judge the level of regeneration. The truth is, that there isn't one at the moment. Not everyone can feel the effects of the chi jewelry. That is why I worked out the time necessary for the jewelry or wristband to be fully regenerated.
If you can feel the effect of the Chi jewelry, it is great. Whatever you are feeling is guiding you. So listen to it. It is a very important to keep the wristband clean.
If you sense that your jewelry is restricting you or some part of your body starts to ache, you should clean your jewelry and let it dry before you put it on again. If the feeling remains, it is a sign that something you are wearing is blocking your Chi. You can remove one item at a time to figure out what blocks your Chi flow.
Question: What are the loose beads in the heart box for?
Answer: There is definitely room for improvement with the loose stones in the heart box. It is annoying when the stones jump out the box. If you lose any stones in the box, you can replace them with the supplemented ones in the small plastic bag. Unfortunately, for the stones to help regeneration they need to be loose in the box and close to the jewelry.
Question: Does the Chi jewelry have to be next to the skin for maximum benefit?
Answer: The jewelry works even when it is worn over a layer of thin clothing, such as a cotton shirt, t-shirt (but not 100% polyester), socks. So it works even without having direct contact with the skin. However, it does work better when it has some direct contact.
Question: How many pieces of Chi jewelry are needed for aches and pain?
Answer: In terms of how many pieces of Chi jewelry one would need to wear to take care of the whole body, a powerful bracelet or necklace (high Chi Flow Index) would be able to take care of the whole body. These jewelry have additive effects, there is no restriction on how many pieces that one wears. The ultimate goal is to relieve all aches and pain.
One should try a few things before adding or giving up on the Chi jewelry. If there is a reduction in the aches and pain but a substantial amount still remains, addition of Chi jewelry will provide more relief. If the amount of pain is not reduced, try to put your Chi jewelry on different parts of your body, for example, putting a bracelet around the neck, wrapping a necklace on the wrist, etc. If by doing so, your aches or pain is reduced, then it is a sign that this is where the Chi jewelry should be worn.
Question: The Band of Strength wristband doesn't wrap tightly on the wrist and usually one or two stones don't touch the skin ... is it ok, or should all stones touch the skin?
Answer: The wristband was purposely designed not to be tight on the wrist or always have the stones tight on the wrist. I am concern about cutting off blood circulation when the wristband is too tight, so the wristband is supposed to be loose. The stones on the wristband work very well even when they are not touching the skin. The positions of the stones are designed so when the wristband moves around the wrist, the stones take turn being close to the skin (kind of like taking work shifts). This allows the wristband to work with just a few stones on it and they take their turn working.
Question: What is the length of Premiere?
Answer: About “Premiere”, the average length is 33”. When it is worn as a single-strand necklace, it drapes to about 13 to 14”; as a double-strand necklace, it drapes about 1 to 1.5” from the neck.