What is Chiology?

It is the science of Qi (Chi) and all of its energy manifestations and their effects on an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Our Chiology Health/Wellness is customized for individuals
with combinations of
Chi Healing (Qi Healing) , Chigong (Qigong)and
our other unique services that include:

Chiology Counseling

Built-up energies that result from unprocessed or unresolved emotions can lead to acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses.

Chiology sessions identify harmful habits and physically release stuffed emotional & mental energy. By recognizing, understanding and eliminating these build-ups, you can avoid getting yourself caught up in loops of the same issues over and over. Changing harmful emotional habits, and resolving emotional, mental & physical stresses pave the path for you to have harmonious lives & relationships.

We help you recognize your emotional hang-ups. With the guidance of Chi readings and our Chi processing tools, you can change your emotion habits and resolve the hang-ups, thus eliminate and/or prevent emotional stress making negative impacts on you physically and/or mentally.


Interpersonal issues create negative Chi build-ups and poor Chi flow, which both interfere with communication. By determining the interactive dynamics of Chi between family members, and removing & preventing the build-ups, we facilitate the communication; therefore, the root problems can be effectively and successfully identified and resolved.


Children and teens pick up mental and emotional stresses inside and outside their home. We remove energy build-ups created by these stresses and help them to be connected with themselves, so they can be physically, mentally and emotionally well.

Chi Transformation Program

Help your

· chronic fatigue

· heart burn/acid reflux

· irritable bowels

· constant belly aches

· food intolerance/allergies

· obsessive compulsive

· anxiety & panic attacks

· depression


· diabetes

· blood pressure

· cholesterol

· asthma

· weight

· pain

Improve your

· energy

· performance

This program resets the body’s negative responses to food, reverses and/or prevents food intolerance, and overcomes metabolic problems & digestive disorders. It changes your energetic & emotional relationships with food, gives insight into yourself, and reduces the necessity for supplements. Over time it will save you thousands of dollars.