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Detoxification (Detox)


Balacing your Qi (Chi)
Our bodies normally do a wonderful job of getting rid of harmful materials that are either generated by our metabolism or enter into our bodies by ingestion, inhalation or absorption. Unfortunately, our bodies do not always work perfectly, especially as one ages. During our daily lives, we depend more and more on man made materials, many of which contain toxic chemicals. With this increase and the continuous exposure to toxic materials, over time these toxic materials can throw our bodies off their normal functions.

Detox (short for detoxification) programs have become a popular practice by people in an attempt to get rid of toxic materials built up in the body. There are so many detoxification products and programs on the market that encompass vegetarian diets, herbal cleanses, detox baths, fasting, probiotic supplements, antioxidants, bowel cleanings, etc. Although detox programs have gained tremendous popularity, they have also been heavily criticized. Many critics believe that detox programs are not needed because the body can naturally detoxify itself and they contend that there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that detox programs actually work. Herbal detox products are not only unproven, but are also expensive and in some cases have been shown to be more harmful than helpful.

This sort of information ultimately can cause a dilemma because on one hand, many believe or want to believe that we can benefit from detox regimens but on the other hand is it worth starving yourself or totally changing your diet and introducing something into your body that may not help you? Also, is it worth the financial cost especially if you are investing in something that may harm you. Given these possibilities, it can leave one thinking that if these detox products do not work and/or might hurt me, what alternatives are there.

Is there some other way to naturally detoxify my body and create a balance that does not need fasting, dieting, herbs and enemas?

Of course there is.

One natural detoxification method that has been used for thousands of years focuses on balancing the body by promoting proper Qi flow (Chi flow).

Chi (aka Qi or Ki) means the "life force". This "energy" is not fully understood by the West and is therefore not always accepted as existing. Yet, Chi (Qi) is the foundation of Traditional Oriental Medicine, which has been used as a major healing practice in China for more than 2000 years. Acupuncture, acupressure and qigong are all proven techniques that have been used to balance Chi (Qi).

Now VivaLaChi introduces a new way to balance one's Qi without having to spend a lot of money, or for those unable to find a reputable qigong teacher that also may charge an arm and a leg to learn Qi. It is simply the novel use of Chi-Jewelry, a sort of feng shui for the body, which is a safe and inexpensive alternative way to balance your Qi (Chi), which in turn can help your body's normal functions and therefore, its natural detoxification processes.

Why Try VivaLaChi Chi Jewelry?

If you have any doubt about trying VivaLaChi jewelry as part of your path to well being, here are four things that you might wish to ask yourself:

Is trying something better than trying nothing?

Is trying a method that is natural, noninvasive, simple and a one time purchase preferable?

Is it worth trying something inexpensive?

Is trying something and finding that it works for you valuable?

January, 2009

By Ryan N. Harrison, MA, HHP, NC, EFT-ADV

Natural Healing Today (January, 2009)

"Detoxification” has become a nice buzz word lately. It sounds good, rolls off the tongue easily. And, depending on where you live and your lifestyle, if you happen to mention it to your friends or coworkers, it’s likely to make you seem “in the know” about natural healing and health. But do you know what detoxification really is and why is it so important?

The human body is an amazing thing. In its healthiest state it has the ability to keep itself clean and relatively poison-free. In this sense, detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins. This happens via the liver, kidneys, and lungs, as well as in urine, feces, and through sweat. Yet, your body can become so overloaded that its natural detoxification system can’t keep up, and when this happens the toxins build up and can affect virtually all of the systems of the body, head to toe. More >>

The daily green (1. 5. 2009)

Why the best detox treatment is basic: a good, nutritious diet.

Which of the following is true of products claiming to offer your body a quick "detox"?
A - Companies making "detox" claims tend to use different definitions of "detox."
B - Companies don't provide convincing scientific evidence that backs up their "detox" claims.
C - The word "detox" is often just a code for "skin cleansing" or other unremarkable action.
D - Products claiming to offer "detox" properties cost more than otherwise similar products.
E - All of the above.

If you chose "E," you're right. That, anyway, is what British researchers working for the nonprofit Sense About Science discovered when surveying face creams, foods, beverages, foot pads and other products claiming to offer their users a detox experience. Such claims were consistently inconsistent, unproven, misleading — and the products more expensive.

The urge to "detox" is understandable. Regular readers of The Daily Green are all too familiar with the legion of suspect chemicals average Americans encounter in their home, in the air they breathe and in the food they eat. So if a product — whether it's a face cream, an energy drink, colon cleanse or a foot pad — promises to remove toxic substances, there's a natural appeal for concerned consumers.

The old adage applies: Buyer beware. More >>


The New York Times (1.22.2009)

Critics continue to emphasize a lack of scientific evidence that detoxification actually works, as the number of detox products and treatments grows. C
oncerns about exposure to toxins, that a typical home has more than 1,000 of them, including cleaning chemicals, formaldehydes and paint are expressed by health specialists. While, results of government sponsored scientific evaluation of detox will not be available until 2010, many people used detox programs swear by these programs.
The original article >>