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Feng Shui
Feng Shui can be used to enhance your environment (home and office) and its impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
The principle of Feng Shui centers around the manipulation of Qi (force or engegy) flow.
The goal of Feng Shui is to achieve harmony, comfort, and balance in one's environment and life.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, art and practice of configuring sites, buildings, spaces, structures, interiors, and gardens of home and work places in order to promote an undisturbed flow of Qi (Chi), which is aimed at achieving harmony between the inhabitants and the environment; therefore, promote health, happiness, wellness and prosperity. ...
VivaLaChi Feng Shui Service provides Feng Shui readings, energy clearance, and recommendation of how to improve the Qi flow. The working principle of our Feng Shui service is to ensure that the Qi flow of the individuals in the home/office are not disrupted by their surroundings and so these areas can maximize an individual's comfort and performance.
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Qi Feng Shui Services  for Health and Wellness
VivaLaChi Feng Shui Services
2 hr Visit Rate $400.00 ; $150 for each additional hour

2 hour visit rate :$400

Additional hours: $150 per hour

VivaLaChi provides unique Feng Shui services to balance energy in your home and office to heal individuals, harmonize families and energized businesses.

Qi or Chi is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. The Chinese consider all illnesses, both physical and mental, as well as bad fortunes, as a result from irregularity in the flow of Qi.

To schedule a Feng Shui visit, please click HERE.
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Qi Energy Balancing and Healing Services  for Health and Wellness
Pre-pay Package 4 (Qi Healing/Wellness Service - 5, 80 min Sessions)
Regular Price $950.00
Pre-pay Price $765.00
You save $185.00!

Total 400 minutes of healing/energy balancing/Chiology consultation.

Pre-pay package includes: Free 30 ml Chi-Spray (Value of $300) and
50% off for purchasing additional Chi-Spray.

Non-pre-pay package include: Free 15 ml Chi-Spray (Value of $150) and
50% off for purchasing additional Chi-Spray.

Please click HERE to schedule a Qi Healing/Balancing Session in San Diego or for long distance healing.
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