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Helps the upper body and arm chi flow. Popular among the fashion-conscious.
Starting Price: $143.00
Starting Price: $10.00
Starting Price: $10.00
A handmade peridot bracelet, sterling silver clasp, good for Chi (Qi), chakra, acupuncture, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, health, wellbeing, happiness, harmony Spray for Improving the Quality of Brain Engagement, Brain Functions and Brain Sharpness Spray for Calming Allergic Reaction. Immune Calming spray for reducing self-destructive immune responses and aberrant immune reactions
An exquisite handmade 6-strand peridot round bead bracelet that sparkles in olivine green. The round beads glitter under the light, not even moonlight and dim room light can take away the twinkles. The semi-formal and exquisite sensibility is finalized with the touch of a sterling silver tube clasp.

This bracelet helps Chi flow of the body and the arm, which the bracelet is worn on.

Chi Flow Index: +++++.

The Green Harmony Collection - Chi Health and Wellness - Jewelry for Natural Healing.
It eases compulsive attentions on distress (rumination), negative mental states, looping thoughts, mind fog and stuckness.

Purified water infused with energy that encouraging calmness of the mind.

Note: Contact us to receive a 50% discount if you are having on-going sessions.
Spray away built-up energy that contributes to aberrant immune reactions.

Purified water infused with energy that calms the immune responses.

Note: Contact us to receive a 50% discount if you are having on-going sessions.

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