Chiology Counseling

Chiology Counseling
Built-up energies that result from unprocessed or unresolved emotions can lead to acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses.

Chiology sessions identify harmful habits and physically release stuffed emotional & mental energy. By recognizing, understanding and eliminating these build-ups, you can avoid getting yourself caught up in loops of the same issues over and over. Changing harmful emotional habits, and resolving emotional, mental & physical stresses pave the path for you to have harmonious lives & relationships.

We help you recognize your emotional hang-ups. With the guidance of Qi readings and our Qi processing tools, you can change your emotion habits and resolve the hang-ups, thus eliminate and/or prevent emotional stress making negative impacts on you physically and/or mentally.

Interpersonal issues create negative Chi build-ups and poor Chi flow, which both interfere with communication. By determining the interactive dynamics of Chi between family members, and removing & preventing the build-ups, we facilitate the communication; therefore, the root problems can be effectively and successfully identified and resolved.


Children and teens pick up mental and emotional stresses inside and outside their home. We remove energy build-ups created by these stresses and help them to be connected with themselves, so they can be physically, mentally and emotionally well.