Why should one wear Chi jewelry?

Why Try VivaLaChi Chi Jewelry for your Health?
Chi (aka Qi or Ki) means the "life force", "spiritual energy", or literally "air". It also represents energy within the universe. This "energy" is not fully understood by the West and is therefore not always accepted as existing. Yet, Chi is the foundation of Oriental Medicine, which has been a major healing practice in China for more than 2000 years.

Oriental medicine views disease as physical expressions of an imbalance in the body. Generally, there are four types of imbalances relating to Chi dysfunction: Chi stagnation; Chi sinking; Chi rebelling; and Chi deficiency. Abnormal Chi flow in our body is the heart of these problems. The nature of the first three imbalances are deficiency, excess, and reversal of Chi flow, respectively; whereas excess Chi sinking often results in Chi deficiency. Typical oriental medicine therapies such as acupuncture, herbal/food treatment, Tui na, and Chi gong are used to help the body regain its proper balance of Chi. VivaLaChi introduces Chi Jewelry as another means to balance your Chi, which in turn can promote healing and better health.

If you have any doubt about trying VivaLaChi jewelry as part of your path to well being, here are four things that you might wish to ask yourself:

Is trying something better than trying nothing?

Is trying natural healing and noninvasive method preferable?

Is it worth trying something inexpensive before investing in a costly method?

Is trying something and finding that it works for you valuable?

Our Products
The materials of our jewelry are carefully chosen by extensive experimentation for their properties of facilitating proper Chi flow. All our jewelry is made from natural gemstones and solid sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is hand made and tested by Silvia, our Chi consultant, to make sure that they have a positive effect on Chi flow and that they are also fully regenerated and ready for correcting Chi flow.

How to Care for your Chi Jewelry
To retain the maximal Chi flow correcting capacity of the jewelry, when you are not wearing the jewelry, please keep the jewelry in its case (container), which is included with the jewelry you received. If the jewelry is being worn daily, it is essential to clean the jewelry once a week and this can be done by washing the jewelry with a gentle soap (dish washing liquid is fine for example) and then rinse well with water. Keep your jewelry and the jewelry case (container) away from painted wood and printed paper.